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IRA Radiance Skin and Hair Clinic is one of the best skin and hair clinics in Hyderabad. The clinic is led by experienced dermatologists namely Dr Nikhil Reddy and Dr Raghu Ram Reddy. They have been performing various skin and hair treatments for the past several years. They have gained a reputation for their great and affordable services in Hyderabad.

The clinic is equipped with advanced equipment to ensure the safety of the patients and to take proper care of the patients. The effectiveness of the treatment is based on the expertise of the doctors and you can count on us for the treatment.


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Skin and Hair Care Services


We at Ira Radiance Clinic are specialised in treating different types of skin problems to enhance your beauty. To know more, book your appointment today.


Tired of unwanted hair or embarrassed with your hair loss problems ? Looking for a permanent solution for you hair problems?  Book an Appointment today.


We are well-known for our effective cosmetic or facial procedures. We have helped many people to regain their confidence by enhancing their appearance.


We offer laser treatments for different skin and hair problems, using the latest technology and equipment to provide the best possible results.

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We have a team of dedicated doctors who have expertise in different fields such as skin, hair, etc. We have dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hair specialists who can work collaboratively when required. They are very friendly and they carefully listen to your concerns before deciding the treatment plan.

All our doctors are certified and experienced in their respective departments and IRA Radiance Skin and Hair Clinic. Do not have a second thought and book your appointment right away to get solutions for different skin and hair problems.

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