Anti Ageing Treatment

Anti Ageing Treatment in Hyderabad

Ageing is a biological process and our skin also gets older as we get older. The regenerating capabilities of our skin also slow down with age and it is influenced by various internal and external factors. Though you cannot stop time, you can take certain measures to reduce the ageing effects on your skin. Skin is the first one to show signs of ageing. Hence, it is important to use anti-ageing methods before your skin starts showing wrinkles and fine lines.

What is the Right Time to Start Anti-Ageing Treatments?

As you get older, hyaluronic acid in your skin get reduced and this results in dry, and dull skin. Skin anti-ageing is often seen in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and sagging skin. A new life to the ageing skin can be given with new skin bio remodelling procedures. The procedures focus on promoting the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Many beauty experts say that the anti-ageing regimes should be followed from the early age of 30’s to slow down wrinkles as much as possible. Anti-ageing and wrinkle removal treatments focus on delaying the process of skin anti-ageing, but cannot remove the ones that already exist. Hence, it is better to start early to delay the process of skin ageing.

There are different treatment options for anti-ageing and there is no single treatment that works for everyone. A dermatologist can determine if a single treatment is enough for you or a combination of treatments is required for you.

Different Types of Anti-Ageing Treatments

There are various treatments that can be used to make your skin smooth, tight, and to reduce wrinkles. The different treatment options include:

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Lasers are generally used to treat wrinkles, tighten skin, and treat moderate fine lines. The dermatologist uses special laser light to damage the inner layers of the skin so that it will promote the growth of new skin cells. There are different types of laser treatments such as ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers focus on damaging the tissue to promote the growth of new tissues. Whereas non-ablative lasers focus on promoting collagen production.

Fillers: Fillers are minimally invasive procedures and they focus on restoring lost volumes and smoothening fine lines. A gel-like substance is injected into the skin to modify its appearance. Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used filler and it can help to fill the lost volumes of the skin. Fillers are effective at filling wrinkles, increasing the volume of skin and lips, and can plump sagging skin. Some of the derma fillers can also renew your skin along with providing volume to the skin. You can immediately return back to your work after having a filler injection. For best results, you need to undergo several sessions.

Botox: Botox injections help to reduce frown lines by relaxing muscles on the face. As you smile, talk, or laugh, the facial muscles get contracted and can lead to wrinkles. Botox can smooth your skin. Botox injections are safe for most people and they should be performed by a trained specialist. Some people may experience swelling, pain, and bruising in the area of injection. However, these signs get reduced after a few days or weeks.

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an advanced anti-ageing treatment that uses your own plasma to increase the skin volume by promoting collagen production. During the procedure, blood is drawn from other parts of the body and all the components of the blood are separated. Then, the platelets are injected into the plasma to stimulate collagen production. PRP results in a wrinkle free and natural looking appearance. It is less invasive and is suitable for most of the skin types and mostly does not show any side-effects and allergic reactions. Apart from increasing skin volume, PRP also makes skin smooth and improves skin texture.

Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy treats ageing by injecting vitamins, hormones, and enzymes to restore and tighten your skin. It focuses on treating underlying conditions such as inflammation and poor blood circulation that would damage the skin and cause wrinkles. It is an absolute solution for people who are looking for non-invasive anti-ageing treatment.

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IRA Radiance and Skin Hair Clinic use advanced technologies that show minimal or no side effects to promote the beauty of your skin. We mostly recommend the treatments that give you natural looking results. Each skin is different from another and it has special needs. Hence, we carefully analyse your skin and based on the analysis, we develop a treatment plan to reduce your wrinkles to a greater extent. Book your appointment with one of our dermatologists to determine the best treatment solution for you.