Common Skin Problems During Summer – How to Treat Them?

skin problems during summer

In India, summer can be irritating. Exposure to sunlight can also has a great impact on your skin and can cause itching and rashes. Everyone will be worried about their skin during summer. People follow different skincare routines to tackle the effect of sun exposure. However, the rise in temperature and humidity causes heavy sweating, which further leads to various skin problems.

What are the Common Skin Problems During Summer and How to Handle Them?

The following are some of the common skin problems during summer and measures that can be taken to prevent them:

  • Acne: Excessive sweating during summer leads to the production of oil to keep your skin moist. When you touch your face that is sweaty, germs and bacteria penetrate into your pores and cause acne. The following tips can help prevent acne during summer:
  • Wash your face regularly to clean the oil deposited on your face
  • Use sunscreen while going outdoors
  • Wash towels, sweaty clothes, caps, etc. before using them for the next time
  • Use oil-free products on your face
  • Stay hydrated to prevent the oil from depositing under your skin
  • Dry skin: Exposure to the sun for a longer duration, hot air and humidity can lead to dry skin. You can try the following remedies:
  • Use warm water for the shower
  • Use mild cleansers to wash your face
  • Always use sunscreen while going out
  • Take bath after spending time in a pool
  • Always carry a moisturizer with you so that you can apply it when your skin becomes dry
  • Suntan: When exposed to hot rays of the sun, your skin produces sun tan as a response to the bright light. A severe suntan can lead to itching and peeling of the skin. However, the following can help you deal with suntan during summer:
  • Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by using sunscreen
  • Have a shower with cold water if you have sunburn
  • Consult a dermatologist if you have fever, and severe pain
  • Yeast infection: Heavy sweating during summer can lead to yeast infection that can be seen on neck, back, chest etc. The infections look like scaly patches and they can be itchy. To prevent this:
  • Always maintain hygiene
  • Take a shower immediately when you are extremely sweaty
  • Folliculitis: Folliculitis is the infection of hair follicles; they appear as pimples and can be itchy. To stop them in summer, the following can help:
  • Change your tight gym clothing immediately after a workout
  • Avoid pools if the chlorine and acid levels are not in balance
  • Use loose and comfortable clothing during hot summer
  • Heat rashes: When the sweat glands are blocked, sweat cannot come outside and hence builds up under the skin. This leads to heat rashes which are itchy and appear like bumps. Preventing sweating can help deal with this. Always try to keep your skin cool by staying under fans, ACs, and cool showers.
  • Sun allergy: If your skin is sensitive to the sun and is using certain medications, sun exposure can cause an allergic skin reaction called hives. To prevent this:
  • Protect your skin from the sun by using shades, and sunscreen, by wearing comfortable clothing
  • If the medications you use can cause sun allergy, try to stay away from the sun
  • Contact dermatitis: When you spend time camping, and hiking during summer, your skin may get exposed to poisonous substances that cause skin irritation. This is called contact dermatitis and it causes rashes, red, and itchy skin. The best ways to prevent this are:
  • Be cautious when you pass through bushes, plants as it is mainly caused by plants
  • When exposed to plants, wash your skin using warm water

When Do I Need to Visit a Dermatologist During Summer?

Though skin problems during summer can affect your fun, they are not serious problems. They usually go within a few days or weeks. But, if they exist after several weeks and are itchy and painful, you need to consider visiting a dermatologist.

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