PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair loss can be frustrating and can affect your quality of life. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is one of the popular treatments for treating hair loss and baldness. The patient’s blood cells are used for treating specific areas in PRP. The procedure should be performed by a certified and experienced doctor.

Platelets play a major role in healing by stopping bleeding. Several research have also shown that injecting platelets into the hair loss areas can make hair to regrow.

Procedure Involved in PRP Hair Treatment

Hair loss can be due to various reasons such as age, genetics, etc. and it can even happen at any age. Hair loss occurs when the hair follicles shrink and make hair fall down. Before conducting the procedure, your doctor will carefully examine your hair and will explain the possible results.

In the very first step, the doctor will collect your blood sample and it will be spun in a centrifuge for separating platelets from the blood. The platelets are then extracted in a syringe by a medical professional. Then, the platelets are injected into the targeted areas.

PRP injection is safe and does not cause any discomfort and you can return to your regular activities without any restrictions. The procedure takes around one hour. The number of PRP sessions required varies from one person to another based on various factors such as the extent of hair loss.

PRP cannot treat the causes of hair loss. Hence, you might require multiple sessions to enhance the results of the treatment. How often and the number of PRP sessions are required is based on the extent of hair loss and the results after the first PRP session.

People who have a smaller number of platelets or chronic liver disease should not opt for PRP treatment.

Can PRP Cure Baldness?

PRP treatment focuses on promoting the growth of hair in the regions where hair is thin. But it cannot completely cure baldness. PRP is suitable for treating regions of the head where there is less hair growth.

How Much Does PRP Treatment Cost?

 It is the most common question that many people have. There is no fixed price for PRP treatment. The cost of PRP treatment is based on various factors such as the extent of hair loss, the number of PRP sessions required, the area to be treated, and many more. The amount is also based on the work required and the clinic you visit.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

The benefits of a PRP treatment include the following:

  • The process is fast and the results are long-term
  • It is non-invasive and shows minimal or no side effects
  • It is painless and cost-effective
  • It promotes blood flow to the hair follicles on the scalp

Visit IRA Radiance Skin and Hair Clinic for PRP Treatment

If you or your loved one is experiencing rapid hair loss, visit IRA Radiance Skin and Hair Clinic today. Dr Nikhil Reddy and Dr Raghu Ram Reddy have been offering PRP treatments for several patients in Hyderabad for several years. They are known for effective and quality treatments and you can rely on them to make your hair regrow. Before performing a PRP session, we will discuss realistic expectations with you. We also suggest lifestyle changes that can prevent hair loss such as avoiding drinking and smoking, eating nutrients that promote hair growth. To know more about PRP, visit our clinic and we are just a call away from you.